We recently gathered for the ultimate celebration of joy at the Cocoon Fun Day at Underwood Park. The day kicked off with a burst of creativity as we dived into decorating our own gingerbread cookies – a sugary canvas for our festive imaginations. From Santas to snowflakes, each cookie became a tiny masterpiece. The Christmas bauble decorating station was equally enchanting, with glitter, paint, and heaps of holiday spirit making each ornament unique.

But the fun didn’t stop there! The bingo hall echoed with laughter and friendly competition as we daubed our way to victory. It turns out, bingo and Christmas go hand in hand!

Amidst the cheerful chaos, the soothing notes of Christmas melodies filled the air, creating a perfect backdrop for the day’s festivities. And let’s not forget the holiday feast – a delicious lunch featuring the star of the show, roast chicken.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who joined in on the merriment, especially those who went above and beyond with their Christmas attire. Your festive outfits truly added an extra sparkle to the day, and we appreciate the effort you put into spreading the holiday cheer.

As the sun set on Cocoon Fun Day, it left behind memories of laughter, creativity, and the warm glow of shared joy. Here’s to the spirit of Christmas, good times with great people, and the magic that happens when we all come together.

Until next time, Cocoon Fun Day in Brisbane will see you next year!