How positivity and patience can change a life

How positivity and patience can change a life

A long history of negative care experiences saw Kevin* left with his individual support care requirements rejected by other service providers, meaning hospital support services were his only option.

Determined to turn Kevin’s life around, the Cocoon SDA Care support team stepped in. Kevin’s care plan started with regular communication with his family through phone calls and emails. Meetings were arranged with behavioural specialists and other health professionals to give Kevin time to adjust and approach Cocoon SDA Care when he felt ready. Due to past negative experiences, Kevin did not want to engage with new staff, but our team stayed solution-focused and patient. We implemented weekly chats with his family, including an update of Kevin’s week and a detailed conversation with the family and support coordinators. This greatly improved the relationship over time.

Every night our team organised contact between Kevin and his mother through FaceTime, as he was living far from his family, and they couldn’t visit regularly. This significantly increased their time spent together and improved communication, which also considerably reduced his varying behaviours.

Fast forward five months, and the environment evolved to Kevin increasing communication efforts through a communication board and attempts at verbal speech. Our support workers now engage with Kevin regularly, and he greets us with smiles and laughter.
With the support of health professionals, support workers from Cocoon SDA Care are continuing to give Kevin a meaningful life.

– Kevin, Victoria

*Name and photo changed to protect privacy.