Why Cocoon SDA Care?

A well-designed, purpose-built home in the right location allows people with disability the safety, security, and independence for an improved quality of life.

As recognised leaders in Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA), Cocoon SDA Care design and build beautiful houses to enhance the lifestyle of people with disability and provide a place they can feel at home.

If you are an NDIS participant or the parent or guardian of a person with disability and are considering which SDA provider to use, here is why Cocoon SDA Care is a great choice:

You are heard

We listen to what you want. We then find the right home for your needs, age, and desired lifestyle. If we don’t have a suitable option available, we investigate how we can build it for you.

You have a choice

We have a range of building types located right across Australia in high-demand regional and metropolitan areas.

You are cared for

We can provide fast short, medium, and long-term SDA solutions to ensure you live in a safe, suitable, purpose-built home that caters to your needs.

You are connected

Our homes are deliberately located close to medical precincts, transport hubs, shopping centres and community activities to provide convenience and connectivity within the local community.

You enjoy a greater lifestyle

Our homes are beautiful, state-of-the-art, and purpose-built beyond the highest NDIS and SDA accreditation standards to ensure you have more choice and opportunities to live your best life.

You are looked after long after you move in

To ensure the comfort, safety and lifestyle of our participants, Cocoon SDA Care provide 24/7 property management and access to an online communication platform that links participants and families directly with Head Office.

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SDA housing

Consistently designing beyond the highest standards

To achieve the level of care and lifestyle that we believe people with disability deserve, we build our new homes across all SDA design categories beyond the highest SDA accreditation standards.

In our experience, there is a big difference between what is legally required and what is best for participants to safeguard their comfort, convenience, security, privacy, and lifestyle. To achieve the level of care and lifestyle that we believe people with disability deserve, we build homes across all Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) design categories and ensure they exceed the Platinum and Robust standards.

Below are some examples of how Cocoon SDA Care consistently perform above the highest SDA accreditation standards.

  • Spacious bedrooms
  • Private ensuites featuring roll-in-showers
  • Functional kitchens
  • Assistive technology
  • Extra wide garages
  • Security alarm and intercom systems
  • Ducted air conditioning
  • Automated blinds
  • Shared living areas including secured gardens and outdoor spaces
  • Onsite overnight assistance facilities
  • Lifestyle locations

Tenant Matching: How we find the right home for you

While we take great care in building beautiful homes in well-located areas close to shops, public transport, and other services that will help you feel a part of your new community, we know that this is only a small part of finding you the right home.

Who you live with is just as important – if not more. Like any household, life is much easier and more enjoyable when the people who live together get along and enjoy each other’s company. For this reason, we ensure that both the participant and fellow roommates get a choice in who they live with.

Our team members work alongside you to find your perfect Cocoon SDA Home and will ensure that the property:

  • Meets your specific needs identified in your NDIS plan
  • Assists in accessing any special support services you require
  • Sees you living with roommates that share similar interests and are at a similar life stages

Once a suitable property has been found, we work with you and your support team to ensure the transition into your new home is a smooth one.

One way we do this is by offering site visits to ensure you are familiar with your new surroundings and the people you will be living with before you move in. After all, we want your new house to be your home for many years to come!

Start your SDA journey today

Call Cocoon SDA Care on 1800 262 666 or email info@cocoons.com.au to start your journey towards finding your new home. You may also like to view our homes here.