Community Fun Day in Melton

Celebrating International Day of People with Disabilities

Cocoon SDA Care partnered with Melton City Council to host our very first Community Fun Day in Victoria to celebrate the International Day of People with Disabilities. The day was a testament to the simple yet profound joy of coming together.

Laughter, music, dancing, and so much fun. From creative crafts to lively tunes, we had a blast painting and dancing to the music. Attendees engaged in creative crafts moved to lively tunes and shared smiles while painting tote bags.

As we reflect on this remarkable day, it’s clear that the spirit of community and inclusivity is alive and thriving in Melton. The shared moments and collective efforts have woven a tapestry of unity that resonates with warmth and genuine connection.

We want to extend our gratitude to our valued partner, Melton City Council, for providing a fantastic venue and being an integral part of the event’s success. Also, our special recognition goes to RRT for serving delicious hamburgers to warm our hearts and perfectly complement the day’s festivities.

Looking ahead, anticipate more updates on upcoming community events. The success of Melton’s first Community Fun Day lays the foundation for another heartfelt gathering in the future. Join us as we anticipate creating more cherished memories in the days that lie ahead.

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