Cocoon Adventures Opening Night Event at Emporium Hotels South Bank: A Night of Inclusion and Celebration!

What an unforgettable night it was at the Cocoon Adventures Opening Event, held at the breathtaking Emporium Hotels South Bank! The event brought together a diverse array of talent, showcasing the beauty of inclusive culture and the spirit of adventure.

The event was graced by remarkable performers, each adding a unique touch to the festivities. The Queensland Kairuku Association, Aunty Delmae Barton (Indigenous Elder), Prana Dance Co, and the ever-inspiring Mick on Wheels left the audience in awe with their captivating performances.

The evening also saw esteemed speakers and attendees, including influential figures like Rick Carter from Moonshot Innovations SA, George, Lawrence, Greg, and Wendy from TCK China, Jon Raven (Chair of Planning, Economic Development and Environment Committee), Kim Marx (Councillor for Runcorn Ward), Nathan Percy (Director of Business Engagement at Office of the Lord Mayor), and the inspirational 7-time Paralympian and Cocoon Brand Ambassador, Christie Dawes.

Guiding the event’s proceedings was the charismatic MC for the night, Gary Hardgrave, who effortlessly engaged the audience and added a lively touch to the evening. Gratitude was expressed towards the key figures behind Cocoon Adventures: Managing Director, Muhammed Latif, Corporate Strategist, Zaffar Khan, Craig (QLD State Manager), and Nicky (Cocoon Adventures Program Manager), for enlightening everyone about the wonders of Cocoon Adventures and the incredible experiences it offers.

For NDIS participants seeking to enrich their lives with meaningful experiences, Cocoon Adventures presents a tailored program that opens doors to exploration, cultural immersion, and thrilling activities. The program is designed to ensure participants have fun while learning and growing, enhancing their overall quality of life.

The Cocoon Adventures Opening Night Event at Emporium Hotels South Bank was a spectacular celebration, setting the stage for the incredible adventures that lie ahead. It brought together a mix of culture, talent, and a shared passion for adventure, leaving attendees eagerly anticipating the adventures that Cocoon has in store. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and experiences from Cocoon Adventures!

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