Introducing Cocoon Adventures: Where Every Journey is a Story of Inclusion

Cocoon Adventures didn’t start as a grand vision; rather, it was born from a simple desire to create meaningful experiences for individuals with disabilities in 2018.

Before 2018, Cocoon Adventures existed as an informal holiday program within another organisation. But it was in that year that Craig had a vision. He brought Nicky on board, entrusting her with the task of transforming this modest program into something extraordinary. Together, they converted it into a fully-fledged disability travel program.

From those humble beginnings, Cocoon Adventures has evolved into a busy disability travel business that sells out six months in advance. Our journey is a testament to the passion and dedication we pour into every adventure we offer.

What sets Cocoon Adventures apart isn’t just the breathtaking destinations we explore, but the incredible capacity-building outcomes we achieve. We believe in the power of genuine community engagement, where participants don’t just visit places; they become a vital part of the communities they encounter. These adventures have led to countless friendships, proving that the bonds forged in the heart of adventure are some of the strongest.

At Cocoon Adventures, we specialise in providing supported small-group adventures. We deliberately keep our groups small because we don’t aim to be “the disability group.” We are, first and foremost, a group of people embarking on unforgettable journeys together. While other providers may offer large, impersonal tours, we’ve found our niche in the intimacy of small, personal groups.

We invite you to be a part of our story, to embark on adventures that go beyond the ordinary and to discover a world where everyone’s journey is a story of inclusion. Welcome to Cocoon Adventures, where we turn dreams into destinations, one adventure at a time.

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