Embracing Life's Adventures

Maya* moved into one of our homes just over one year ago. From that moment on, there has been no mistaking when Maya is around – she likes to be involved in everything around the house and doesn’t miss a beat with what’s going on in the house.

But don’t let that fool you – Maya is no homebody. She loves to go out, to day option activities, twice a week and then enjoys swimming with staff every Wednesday. Maya has a very active social life with many of her family members visiting on a weekly basis, including her amazing mum and dad.

In Maya’s downtime (yes, even go-getters like Maya need time to recharge), she likes to do art, loves having her nails painted and takes any opportunity to have a joke with the other participants and staff.

Maya is a ray of sunshine, and we love seeing her thrive and offering so much joy to everyone around her.

– *Maya