I am a Senior Support Coordinator and have worked with Cocoon in South Australia for the past few years. I work across three supported independent living homes supporting four NDIS participants. The Cocoon management and staff in South Australia are exceptional with the support they provide the clients, as well as their prompt communication and their ability to collaborate with the team.

Together we have changed clients lives in a positive way and that is just AMAZING! Being on the same page is the key for the client to have the desired outcomes and is an absolute pleasure to work with the team at Cocoon.

I receive regular contact from the organisation’s quality team and each time they call me I have nothing negative to say about the team and the holistic supports they provide. The SIL homes are of quality and a pleasure on the eye to walk into.

Well done to you Cocoon team on the service delivery you provide to assist those that are most vulnerable in our community.

I would highly recommend their service to you.

Tara Sayer

Senior Support Coordinator

In Sync SA

I am extremely impressed with the quality of care and service given to my participants. With Cocoon SDA support, my participant`s lives have dramatically improved, I have and will continue to recommend Cocoon SDA to any participant looking for SIL/ SDA

Joanne Stefanac

Support Coordinator

I have been working with Cocoon in South Australia for almost 2 years and have recently assisted a second NDIS participant to transition into a Cocoon property. In all my interactions with staff connected with Cocoon, I am blown away by the professionalism and high standard of care provided.

I have been working with Cocoon in South Australia for almost 2 years and have recently assisted a second NDIS participant to transition into a Cocoon property. In all my interactions with staff connected with Cocoon, I am blown away by the professionalism and high standard of care provided. I personally believe that all staff, both in the SA office and on the ground, have a passion for delivering the highest possible standard of support for every individual living in Cocoon properties. This has been invaluable for both my clients, I can think of many acts of kindness and generosity of spirit which I believe are unrivalled in other NDIS providers. The freedom and peace of mind that this brings to all family members knowing that their loved ones are being cared for in this manner is invaluable. I have found all team leaders in the properties I have dealt with to be extremely communicative, provide updates in timely manner and often going above and beyond for the individuals they support.


Julie Thomson

Specialist Support Coordinator


When it comes to making a meaningful difference in the lives of those with disabilities, few partnerships shine as brightly as the collaboration between Carmody and Constant and Cocoon SDA Care. Initially conceived as a passion project led by Nic Carmody and Co-Director Leo Constant, their ongoing commitment to enhancing the lives of individuals with disabilities through their innovative approach to SDA housing continues undiminished.

Carmody and Constant’s mission is simple yet profound: to design and build beautiful homes that not only accommodate people with disabilities but enhance their lives in every way possible. These aren’t just structures but havens of comfort, safety, and independence. Working hand-in-hand with Cocoon, they are redefining the concept of disability housing.

Carmody and Constant’s directors commend Cocoon SDA Care for outstanding leadership in the disability housing sector. “I would like to highlight Cocoon’s dedication to providing personalised, accessible homes in ideal locations. In addition, we are honoured by Cocoon’s strong regard for Carmody and Constant as a preferred provider of NDIS housing. This mutual respect is expected to lead to beneficial outcomes for all parties involved. A well-designed, purpose-built home in the right location can be transformative for someone with a disability. It provides not only a place to live but a place to thrive”. Carmody and Constant recognise this and work tirelessly to create environments where individuals can truly feel at home.


Nic Carmody

Managing Director

CM Property Group

What a great opportunity Habitat has been afforded and to be involved in such a noble pursuit, is an honour. A brief story is probably the most appropriate method to convey our message and thanks.

Habitat is owned and operated by George Kamitsis and Paul Winter. George has been in the building industry all his life, there is nothing in construction George has not done. He is a true gentleman and is renowned throughout Darwin as a friendly, approachable builder. Paul entered the construction industry in 2007 after 25 year’s service in the Australian Army. Paul brings enthusiasm and military precise coordination. He prides himself on a constant willingness to learn, most of which comes from experience and George.

Approx. Mid 2022 Habitat was approached by 2 very enthusiastic men. Craig Chesterfield and Mr Zaffar Khan. Craig has had a long-term professional relationship with Mr Zaffar, constructing houses in Queensland. Craig asked if Habitat could build houses of a certain quality and quantity in a short timeframe. Clearly the answer was yes.

I met Mr Zaffar one August evening with Craig at the hotel at the Waterfront Darwin, one of the most enthusiastic people I have ever met, he conveyed a brilliant aura of excitement. His primary question, how many houses can you provide by December, where you can guarantee delivery, regardless of even acts of God. Very nervously we agreed to the timeline and have not looked back.

Habitat’s relationship with Cocoon and Craig Chesterfield is one that has the potential to last many years with continued delivery of NDIS / SDA houses, for which the planning cycle has already commenced.

Habitat NT

Cocoon SDA Care staff have been able to not only house complex participants, but able to support them during a very challenging period in their lives. No threats of eviction. Just looking back at how they make things work and having the best support for participants, to a state of stability.

The “on the ground” staff and management show a great willingness to give all participants a go, no matter their background of complexity. Which is amazing to see in a sector that has become “choosey” with who gets supports and who doesn’t.

Rohan Davine

Support Coordinator

Nexus Advantage

My name is Jason. I am a Support Coordinator in Adelaide for Beyond Disability Limits. Early this year I had the privilege of moving one of my participants from aged care into an SDA facility with Cocoon SDA Care. I was impressed from the start with their communication. Emily in the office was very helpful. She provided all the information and kept in contact with me throughout the process. Emily would check in to see if there was any further help I needed and help guide me with some of the difficult tasks dealing with Centrelink.

This made the transition into the home run smoothly. I have used other SDA providers, but Cocoon SDA Care sets the bar. Once my participant had moved in, the support never stopped there. The house manager, Lisa, was, just as welcoming. When we did the house tour, she was up front about everything. The facility itself was better than expected. Your own room with an ensuite. It was very modern and clean. The help from the staff has been nothing short of amazing either. My participant since moving in has provided fantastic feedback from the first day. Moving into the home was a big step and he has advised me that they have made this scary stage of his life an easy one. If you are thinking about approaching Cocoon SDA Care don’t hesitate. I highly recommend them.

Jason Baker

Support Coordinator and Psychosocial Recovery Coach

Beyond Disability Limits