Finding his Safe Space

In October 2023, *Kevin moved in with Cocoon SDA Care, a supported living environment offering 24/7 support. This transition provided a secure foundation for Kevin to thrive. His ensuite bedroom allows for privacy, while the staff room ensures constant support is readily available. A feature of Cocoon is the dedicated sensory room, a calming space where Kevin can unwind when needed.

The team leader at Cocoon plays a pivotal role. They not only provide continuous support for Kevin but also train new staff to ensure Kevin feels comfortable and understood in his environment. This consistency has been instrumental in Kevin’s positive adjustment. He’s visibly settled and content, a remarkable change from his arrival just a few months ago.

Embracing the Community

The NDIS isn’t just about physical comfort; it’s about empowering participants like Kevin to engage with their social and community surroundings. Kevin now enjoys outings to malls, shops, and parks, venturing out into the world with confidence. These experiences offer opportunities for socialization and a sense of belonging.

Taking the Plunge: Swimming Success

One of Kevin’s great joys is swimming. This not only provides a fun physical activity but also offers therapeutic benefits.

Kevin’s story is an ongoing journey of growth and empowerment. With the support of the NDIS and the dedicated team at Cocoon SDA Care, Kevin is taking confident steps towards a brighter, more fulfilling future.

*The success stories are based on real experiences, with consent from the individuals using altered names for confidentiality.