*Steven’s journey with Cocoon is a testament to resilience, trust, and the incredible support provided by the Cocoon team.

A Special Birthday and a Big Move

Steven recently celebrated a special milestone – his 21st birthday! This day was made even more significant because it marked his move to a new, bigger home that better suits his needs. The Cocoon staff played a vital role in ensuring a smooth transition for Steven. They provided him with all the necessary assistance, including social stories and regular communication with his mom, Support Coordinator, and Occupational Therapists. This meticulous preparation over several weeks helped Steven adjust to the change and supported his overall well-being and progress.

Building Trust for a Successful Move

A key aspect of Steven’s successful move was building his mom’s confidence and trust in the Cocoon staff. The new property offered Steven more space, including a dedicated sensory room. This room has become a haven for Steven, where he can relax and unwind in his favorite bean bag.

Embracing Positive Changes

Steven is actively pursuing a path of positive change. He is making healthy meal choices and enjoys regular walks around his new home. These positive steps demonstrate Steven’s determination and the impact of the supportive environment Cocoon provides.

*The success stories are based on real experiences, with consent from the individuals using altered names for confidentiality.