Jennifer is testament to the therapeutic impact of relationships and how the work we do, touches

people’s lives and makes a real difference. Jennifer’s story starts as one that is all too common. She had been living independently in her own unit, before being admitted to hospital where she spent the next six months. Over those six months, Jennifer was unable to participate in her community and her social life declined. Following her discharge from hospital, Jennifer moved into one of our Orchard Hills residences. This has proven to be a turning point for Jennifer. The first noticeable change was her demeanour: she had become calmer and started responding well with staff. Jennifer is enjoying having the support of familiar faces and routines plus the caring one-toone assistance, which was not always possible in the hospital setting.

Jennifer has been supported to build positive relationships with staff and she is increasingly interacting with them in a positive way, which has assisted her to feel at home.

The next step for Jennifer is to support her to take advantage of opportunities for increased social participation and community inclusion, all of which she is perfectly enabled to do so given the convenient location of her home.

– Jennifer, New South Wales