Image - Proud Sponsor Of Skyring Wheelaroos (Cocoon SDA Care)

Cocoon SDA Care is a proud sponsor of the Skyring Wheelaroos (Australian Wheelaroos).

The Skyring Wheelaroos will be representing Australia in the Rugby League World Cup 2022 in the first occurrence ever of wheelchair rugby league being part of the main event between 3 November 2022 and 9 November 2022 at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.


With a long history in sport, the Australian Wheelaroos have been representing Australia in wheelchair rugby league with games against England in 2013, France in 2017 and England in 2019.


Broadcast to a global audience this is set to be an exciting event, with the opening game to be between the Australian and England. Eight teams in total will be contenders for the trophy, including Australia, England, France, Ireland, Scotland, Spain, U.S.A, and Wales.


Coached by Brett Clark (National Team Head Coach) and Edi George (National Assistant Coach & Tag Collector) and managed by David Nugent (National Team Manager), the Skyring Wheelaroos team consists of 12 talented rugby league players.

Players include:

  • Adam Tannock.
  • Bayley McKenna.
  • Brad Grove.
  • Cory Cannane.
  • Zac Schumacher.
  • Craig Cannane.
  • Diab Karim.
  • James Hill.
  • Liam Luff.
  • Peter Arbuckle.
  • Rick Englis.
  • Shaun Harre.

Read more about the Skyring Wheelaroos team.


Wheelchair Rugby League Australia Limited (WRLAL) originated from the founding of the New South Wales Wheelchair Rugby League Association and was established in 2009 (with seasonal competitions introduced in 2010).


The rules avoid scrums, tackling or play-the-balls, instead with players wearing velcro shoulder tags that defenders must remove if a person is carrying the ball to constitute a tackle.

Teams have six tackles per set before a modified version of play-the-ball is used. Players are extremely talented with a high level of skill, technical abilities, resilience, strength, and tact involved in every minute of the game.


Cocoon SDA Care wish the Australian Wheelaroos every success in the Wheelchair Rugby World Cup 2022. Watch the games on Fox Sports or Kayo.


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