Exciting news! Support Your Way officially kicked off its group activities. These activities offer a fantastic opportunity for participants to connect, socialise, and have some fun!

Makes Connections and Has a Blast at Group Activity

One such participant, *David, from South Australia, decided to join the fun and attend the 6-9pm session with Support My Way. David had a wonderful time! The laughter and joy were contagious, and he actively participated in the evening’s activities.

Games, Goals, and Growth: How Group Activities Benefit Participants

By attending this group session, David took a big step towards achieving some of his NDIS goals. These goals included increasing his involvement in the community, making new friends, and participating in events and activities he enjoys.

Looking Forward to More Fun: David’s Enthusiasm for Future Events

The session offered a perfect mix of socializing and games. David particularly enjoyed playing two rounds of Uno, and he expressed a keen interest in exploring other games at future events. In fact, David left the session eagerly anticipating the next Uno night and voiced his excitement to attend again.

Building a Supportive Community: The Value of Group Activities

It’s fantastic to see Support Your Way’s group activities fostering connections and enjoyment. These activities provide a valuable space for participants to build friendships, have fun, and work towards their NDIS goals. Stay tuned for updates on future events!