Smart Technology Being Utilised In A Specialist Disability Accommodation Home (Cocoon SDA Care)

Assistive Technology (AT) is the equipment a person uses to help them with everyday tasks, which they may not be able to do on their own.


There are a range of different aids, equipment and assistive technology available, including:

  • Mobility aids.
  • Daily living aids.
  • Sensory aids.
  • Computer access aids.
  • Seating aids.
  • Home modification aids.
  • Vehicle modification aids.
  • Workplace modification aids.
  • Prosthetic aids.
  • Orthodontic aids.
  • Recreation aids.


AT must meet the standards the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) set.

Once the evidence that AT is required you will be required to a range of supporting information for NDIS to assess the cost and risk.

If AT costs are more than $15,000 a professional AT advisor will need to provide a formal assessment and quote.


You have the right to choose how you wish to manage your funded AT supports within your plan, including choosing the providers you wish to deliver your AT plan supports.

NDIS funds can:

  • Buy the AT outright.
  • Access the AT through rental, loan, or other arrangements.


By seeking expert advice from an AT assessor, you will be making sure you have the right equipment for you, at the right time.

There are different processes the NDIS apply for low, mid, and high cost AT. The categories of AT costs are:

  • Low cost assistive technology: under $1,500 per item.
  • Mid cost assistive technology: between $1,500 and $15,000 per item.
  • High cost assistive technology: over $15,000 per item.


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